Let me be honest, when I set out to do this piece I fully intended to replicate the beautifully delicious brownie-stuffed ice cream cone Christmas trees that I saw on Pinterest. I don’t know if it’s because I lack baking skills or because my children are a bunch of savages, but, either way, the end result was anything but beautiful or delicious. I thought about trying to make them again, but I don’t think my second batch would turn out any better – I’m still not Betty Crocker and my kids will still be dipping slobbery fingers into everything and fighting over sprinkles. So, rather than pretend like this was an easy holiday treat to make with your kids, I’ll give it to you straight – it’s not.

Still, I don’t want the lessons I learned to go to waste, so I’ll share them with you, and hopefully you’re more skilled in the kitchen than I am. Please note that if you’re trying to maintain a holly, jolly attitude, I wouldn’t suggest baking with multiple kids anyway….unless of course you prepped by having a few cocktails. Also note that if I ever bring baked goods to a party or give them to you as a gift, you should just go ahead and assume that they have been sampled throughout all stages of baking by my 4 kids. Yum.

We start this mission by gathering our supplies…
• Tin Baking Tray
• Brownie Mix & Ingredients
• Sugar Cones
• Icing (we used various kinds)
• Sprinkles & Toppings (also various kinds)

Tell your kids it’s time to make the treat, and then listen to them fight over who gets to do what first.
They will immediately grab all the sprinkle bottles and begin dumping them all over your counter.
You will then yell and threaten to just forget the whole thing.

Prepare your brownie mix.
Argue over who cracks the eggs and who gets to pour each ingredient into the bowl.
When it’s time to mix the batter, remind each child to mix very carefully so the mix doesn’t spill onto the counter. They will promptly spill mix all over the counter.

Turn your baking tray upside down and pop holes in it to accommodate for each of your ice cream cones.
Remind your kids that the ice cream cones are fragile and can’t be used if they break. They will promptly drop them on the floor.
Place the cones that are still intact in your baking tray.

Pour your brownie mix into a Ziploc bag to allow for easy pouring.
I will warn you, this batter comes out FAST, so be prepared. I was not prepared.
Your kids will then start licking the bowl, counter, utensils, and everything else with a trace of brownie batter on it.
Cue crazed sugar rush.

Place your cones in the oven and bake for approximately 25 minutes.
I don’t know why or how, but every time I checked my oven it seemed that my cones were laying on their sides. There is now brownie mix all over my oven.
I guess I forgot to check the bottoms of the cones for holes. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

After the cones are baked, let them cool, and place them on a baking sheet upside down.
Admire your ummmm….masterpiece?

Break out the icing and sprinkles, and let the sugar rush continue!
Cover all burnt spots, cracks, and unappetizing parts with icing, of course!
We used various kinds of icing but had most success warming up regular frosting in the microwave and dipping the cones into the bowl.

After you dip the cones, your children will then dip themselves in the frosting.
Your counters, cabinets, sink, and utensils will now all be coated in green frosting.
Use your sprinkles to decorate the trees. Or, should I say, use whatever sprinkles remain after your kids have dumped them on the floor, on the counter, in their mouths, etc.

Spend 5 hours cleaning up. Enjoy! Or throw them in the trash can.