I have visions in my head of my family gathering around our Christmas tree, hanging ornaments while listening to Christmas carols. Then reality sets in and chaos ensues. Maybe it’s my artistic side that calls for the ornaments to be perfectly arranged or maybe it’s just my OCD; either way, my family does not understand the importance of having a well balanced tree – particularly my children. Now I know it’s Christmas and I really shouldn’t let the fact that my kids are constantly touching my tree bother me….but it does. (I have lost many ornaments to those 4 little hands) To solve this issue, I decided to create them a tree of their own. If you experience the same struggle, follow along!

1. Purchase multiple sheets of felt in your favorite color, 1 large piece of green felt (this will become your tree) and Fast Grab Tacky Glue.

2. Fold your large piece of green felt in half and trace the outline of one half of a tree on it.

3. Cut out the tree edge and unfold the tree. Set aside for later.

4. Using your smaller pieces of felt, start making the ornaments that your little one will use later to decorate their tree.

5. Using removable poster tape attach your Christmas tree to the area that you have chosen.

6. Hand over those ornaments and let them go to town!