By: Jamie Bowman

I love a nice dinner out as much as the next person. And who doesn’t enjoy a night at the movies? But this date night, it’s time to think outside the box…or the bank, or the jail. Not following me? I’m talking about Escape Poconos!

Located behind the Fountain Court Plaza in Bartonsville, Escape Poconos is the ultimate test of strategy. This locally owned and operated establishment is one of the Poconos hottest new attractions. Since opening in 2015, Escape has attracted both area residents and out-of-towners. If your date night needs a refresh, spend a night challenging your mind while having fun with your significant other.

Escape Poconos offers three different “escape rooms,” each with a different theme and difficulty level. The object of the game is to solve a variety of puzzles and riddles in order to find a key and escape from the room in under 60 minutes. Think you’re clever? Think again. These clues are guaranteed to put your brain to work. Escape currently offers three different rooms –  a prison, a bank, and a cabin – each with its own situational backstory. (Yes, you actually begin behind bars in the prison room.) Escaping from the bank, appropriately titled “The Million Dollar Heist,” is Escape’s most challenging scenario. Up the ante and try to break the record for fastest escape time.

Escape teams can be made up of two to eight people, so invite your friends to join in on the fun. Dinner and the movies is so 2016! Register online ahead of time to ensure that your time and room of choice are available. Be on the lookout for new rooms and puzzles changes, including special holiday themes. “Like” the Escape Poconos Facebook page for updates and money-saving promo codes. Who doesn’t love a coupon?!

For more information on Escape Poconos or to register to play, visit Then grab your date and bring your A game because this is one night out you’ll want to schedule ASAP. Good luck!