A Second Chance Kids’ Clothing Boutique

What is it about children’s clothing that makes it so irresistible? You enter Target for ONE THING and end up leaving with your child’s new spring wardrobe. There’s just something about those tiny little hangers that makes you reach for your wallet. But then, as you clean your child’s closet, you find endless outfits with tags intact and buyer’s remorse sets in. Don’t fret! You need to visit Ellie Mae’s Closet.

Brimming with cuteness, Ellie Mae’s Closet is a second chance kids’ clothing boutique that specializes in pairing different brands to create perfectly adorable outfits of all sizes. They know shopping resale stores requires a certain level of time, patience and imagination which is why they have made the shopping experience as easy as possible both in-store and online. Great for shoppers looking for bargains on amazing finds, this boutique is all about smart shopping.

Sarah, mother of 3 and owner of Ellie Mae’s, understands the importance of finding smart ways to provide the best for your children. Shopping secondhand helps children lead their best and healthiest lives, a concept Sarah wants to share with the community. Aside from great prices, there are many other civil, economical and environmental reasons to recycle clothing.
The clothing you find at Ellie Mae’s is washed several times and checked for stains and excessive wear. But the boutique is more than just clothes. There are so many treasures to find at Ellie Mae’s from baby accessories to toys, books and even big kids’ clothing. It’s the type of store that changes every day with new products arriving daily. If you see something you like, buy it. Each piece in the store is one-of-a-kind, so there’s a strong chance the person who was thinking about it yesterday will be back to buy it today.

Because so much changes in the store from day to day, it’s a good idea to check in frequently.
Unlike typical retail stores that receive shipments at the beginning of each season, Ellie Mae’s gets items throughout the season, creating a huge variety to choose from on a regular basis.

Ellie Mae’s Closet will purchase your used items, too! They are looking for gently used items from the community. Currently, they are in need of spring/summer clothing, footwear, outerwear baby gear, strollers, and toys for all ages.

Don’t be afraid to stop in and check out Ellie Mae’s Closet – you will certainly be glad you did!  The best way for a small business to thrive is by word of mouth, so shop the deals then tell a friend what they are missing.

Can’t make it to the store? Ellie Mae’s just opened an online store where you can shop from the comfort of your home. They also have an amazing loyal customer program with rewards for frequent shoppers. Check out Facebook, Instagram and elliemaescloset.com for more details.


582 Main St
Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
(570) 213-3770