As we sit here in the cold and wet of spring, most of us are daydreaming about all the things we’ll be doing when summer finally rolls around. Hanging with your kids, taking trips, experiencing new things, and making memories are all elements of a great summer bucket list. While you’re planning your summer activities, it’s important to ask yourself if those plans include items that all of your family members will enjoy. For most families, appealing to everyone can be a challenge. With different ages and different interests, even a day of non-stop rollercoasters and candy can leave some feeling bored and unstimulated. This summer, plan smart by discovering the diverse opportunities available to kids in our area. ESU for Kids is the perfect place to start.

It was during my conversation with Scott Hnasko, longtime director and instructor of ESU for Kids, that I came to a startling realization. While Scott was telling me about the programs available at ESU for Kids, I asked about the outdoor and athletic courses that were available. As a kid, athletic camps were the only camps I really attended, so I naively assumed there had to be athletic courses. It was then that Scott asked me if, as a parent, I have ever had an experience where I don’t really connect with my child’s interests. Then, it clicked. Yes, there have been LOTS of times that I haven’t truly understood my child’s interests.

Sure, we TRY to get into super heroes or Pokémon or whatever the current craze may be, but often times, we just don’t share the same enthusiasm. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place for your child to connect with other children that ARE just as enthusiastic about the same things? ESU for Kids is that place.

Appealing to kids of all interests, ESU for Kids has everything from acting and adventure to baking, Star Wars, and more! Your child can start the morning with Comic Book Hero Role Play or Cooking for Kids, or join in on Ooey Gooey Craft Science or Passport to World Cultures. Try Crossfit for Teens or Beginners Piano. Star Wars Role Play, Dessert Decorating, Let’s Get Girly!, and Reading Detectives are just a few of the courses you’ll find at ESU for Kids.

While the diversity of the courses alone sets ESU for Kids apart, it’s the program flexibility and professional instruction that has made the summer camp so successful. Designed for kids and teens, ages 6-18, ESU for Kids has been offering safe, educational, and fun programs for 27 years. All courses within the program are taught by PA certified instructors who have designed the particular course they teach. The TEACHERS are the people responsible for determining the course list and the courses are based on their OWN interests.

Whether you or your child want a full-day of fun, half-day, or even just a few hours, ESU for Kids has that flexibility. Running weekdays from July 9th – 27th, the complete course schedule is available online. Check the times and sign up for whatever interests your child. Need a full-day of care? You can choose up to 7 courses to fill the day from 8am – 4:15pm. Each course is one hour long for 3 weeks (15 days total). ESU for Kids is, at its core, a family, with students returning year after year, even after they have grown and moved on. It is evident that the relationships that are made during these 3 weeks are both meaningful and impactful. For more information on how you can get your child involved, visit the ESU for Kids website for a complete course list, pricing details, and other information. •

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