Finding Grace through the Fight

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Grace Smith, then you understand how she got her name. Grace is your average six-year-old. She loves chocolate milk, can’t wait to start first grade, and enjoys spending summer Fridays with her Nana. But what makes Grace extraordinary is the empathy and selflessness that she displays at just six years old.

In 2011, Grace’s grandmother, Lisa Smith, was first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has been battling ever since. Understanding cancer can be difficult for anyone, but imagine trying to wrap your head around the destructive disease when you’re still learning how to read and write. Since cancer can’t be washed away like the germs on your hands, as Grace wishes it could, she wanted to help her Nana and others like her. Her parents Jason and Jenn helped her get the ball rolling…literally.

This past June, a fundraiser basketball game was played by the faculty and staff of the Pocono Mountain School District in an East vs. West game. A tricky tray was held and, with the help of her sister and her school, Grace coordinated a bake sale. The name of the event? “Finding Grace.” A little grace (and Grace!) can go a long way when you’ve been affected by cancer. Thanks to family, friends, and an overwhelming number of supporters of this amazing cause, approximately $20,000 was raised! In an effort to help find a cure, a portion of the proceeds from the event was donated to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital for pancreatic cancer research.

We are fortunate to live in a community filled with wonderful people, like Grace. Are you feeling inspired? Donations are still being accepted through the Smith family’s church. Please make checks payable to St. Mark’s Community Lutheran Church and mail to the address below. Every little bit makes a difference.

St. Mark’s Community Lutheran Church
PO Box 146
Reeders, PA 18352