Forget the toys, creating memories and build skills with gifts of experience that the whole family can enjoy.

As the mother of 4 kids, the thought of purchasing more toys this holiday season feels a little bit ridiculous. After years of holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations, the number of toys in my house just feels absurd. Sure, we do our best to donate old toys and pass down items as they are outgrown but still the feeling of abundance is real, and not one that I’m comfortable with. If given the chance to pick, would your child choose another babydoll or car track over the chance to check out a 560 gallon marine tank filled with a variety of creatures like stingrays and hermit crabs? Would a new Nerf weapon be better than karate lessons or the chance to play an instrument? It’s time we step out of the box and think about giving our kids things that will help them learn and grow. Here are some ideas to help you add some creativity to this year’s shopping list.

  1. Passes to a local trampoline park like FreeFall, Defy or SkyZone.
  2. Membership to Claws N Paws or the Lehigh Valley Zoo.
  3. Swim lessons at the Aquatics Academy.
  4. Voucher for pottery painting at Poke A Nose Pottery.
  5. Membership to the Da Vinci Science Center
  6. Season passes to the Shawnee Theater.
  7. Gift certificate to your child’s favorite restaurant.
  8. Musical instruments and lessons.
  9. Dance classes with a tutu to match at Diamond Dance Academy.
  10. Karate lessons with a ninja costume to match Pocono Crimson Dragon
  11. A subscription to Highlights Magazine.
  12. Membership to the Electric City Aquarium.
  13. Gift certificate towards an awesome summer at Spruce Lake Day Camp.
  14. A trip to the Crayola Factory.
  15. Gymnastics or tumbling classes at International Gymnastics, Xcel Tumbling or Freedom Gymnastics.
  16. Tickets and gear for a local sporting event like the Ironpigs, Railriders or Penguins.
  17. Voucher for ski rentals at Pocono Ski Rentals.
  18. Ski lessons or lift passes to a local mountain.
  19. A camera to use for adventures.
  20. Passes for a fun day at Pocono Rocks.
  21. Indoor waterpark passes from Kalahari, Aquatopia or Great Wolf.
  22. Family passes to the Pocono YMCA. Swimming in the winter plus lots of fun classes for all!
  23. Movie tickets to the Casino Theatre.
  24. Quarters for the arcade, Kalahari has a great one!
  25. Horseback riding lessons at Pleasant Ridge Farms.
  26. A gift certificate to Country Home Learning Center for some artsy fun!
  27. Snowman building supplies.
  28. Coupon book that includes some of your child’s favorite things.
  29. Participation in one of the awesome programs at 570 Sports Camps.
  30. Passes for summer fun at Knoebels!