“You don’t scare me!” Your kids will yell as you turn the pages of Go, Away, Big Green Monster by Edward R. Amberley. A favorite in my house, this book teaches kids how to handle fear and just in time for Halloween. As you read through the book the monster grows and becomes scarier and scarier until you finally shout “Go away!”
What better way to read this book than with a easily made paper bag monster to shout at throughout the story. Gather up a few supplies and get started.

What you need:
• Brown Lunch Bags
• Paint
• Construction Paper
• Google Eyes
• Hot Glue Gun
Can also use:
• Felt
• Pipe Cleaners

Step 1:
Paint your paper bag green, flap side up, and let it dry.

Step 2:
Cut out yellow circles for the eyes and glue your googley eyes to the center of each. Then, glue your eyes to the flap of the paper bag.

Step 3:
Cut out a blue nose and glue between the eyes, extending past the flap.

Step 4:
Cut out a semi-circular red mouth from construction paper and glue to the underside of the flap. Then, cut jagged teeth and glue to the red semi-circle.

Step 5:
Cut a pipe cleaner in half and bend to make 2 squiggly ears. Glue each ear to the back of the bag so they hang off the edges.

Step 6:
Cut out purple straggly hair. We used purple felt but pipe cleaners or construction paper will also work. Glue the hair to the back of the top of the flap.

To make some friends, follow the same instructions and let your imagination do the work!
We hope you enjoy.

“And don’t come back! Until I say so.”