Welcome to MeSee Magazine!

Parenthood. Considering how many people do it, it is amazing how different the journey can be. The one thing we have in common? No one starts out a pro and every parent has his or her struggles. Oh, and we’re all a little tired.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the first or fifth kid, we are all one curious quirk, play date faux pas, or face-melting, banshee tantrum on the floor of Target away from feeling like a failure. Molding tiny humans into functioning adults really makes people question their abilities and sometimes their sanity. But it’s also made up of those heart-busting, tear-welling, grin from ear-to-ear joyful moments, too.

We don’t have the answers to your parenting questions, but we’re here to celebrate the joys, swerves, and curves this parenting thing throws our way.

Welcome to the very first issue of MeSee Magazine, written for parents by parents. Within these pages we hope you’ll find new things to try, places to go and people to meet. We’re always looking for ideas from parents like you so please, drop us a line and let us know what you think.

Lastly, a very special thank you to all of our supporters, contributors, advertisers, friends and families for helping us to make our dreams of publishing this magazine come true. You guys are the best and it warms our hearts to know that you’re behind us.