Does a candy-coated caramel apple drizzled with chocolate syrup and graham cracker crumbles keep the doctor away? Well, no… especially not your dentist. But how can you resist? The sticky fingers and sloppy face are worth every delicious bite.

If you think eating a candy apple is a challenge, making candy apples is a true test of your baking abilities. Why is caramel so sticky!?

Kathryn and Ashleigh of the blog Bee in our Bonnet know all the tricks. They’ve experimented with different homemade caramels, perfected the thickness necessary to coat each apple, and mastered the art of toppings. The most important lesson they learned? Gravity is your friend.
If you’re looking to make a tasty fall treat that your kids will love, then grab your Granny Smiths and as many candy toppings as you can find.

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