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Sweet, honest and sincere. That is how Dr. Beth Laubach’s friends describe her. After meeting her for the first time, I can only agree. At a time when we’re always questioning a person’s motives, Dr. Beth’s genuine passion for helping people build a more positive and healthy life is evident. It is in her office, Back 2 Health Family Wellness, that Dr. Beth and her husband, Dr. Nathan Laubach, are transforming the lives of their patients through chiropractic care, pain management, health, nutrition, overall family wellness, and much more.

In 2005, when the Laubachs purchased Back 2 Health, they set out to be more than just a Chiropractic practice. With a passion for helping children and families, Dr. Beth completed an extensive post-doctorate Pediatric Certification from the International Pediatric Association with additional training in holistic health management for expecting mothers, chiropractic care during pregnancy, evaluation and treatment of the infant and pediatric spine, wellness-based nutrition, and more. She believes that improving the health of a child in his or her earliest stages of development will improve his or her overall quality of life for a lifetime. Did you know that many of the chronic issues that children face, such as ear infections, colic, asthma, chronic illnesses, digestive troubles, and even behavioral issues, can sometimes be caused by a slight displacement in a developing nervous system? Back 2 Health Family Wellness is one of the only chiropractic practices in Monroe county specializing in pediatric and prenatal care.

While their specialties set them apart, it is their overall care that has earned them a ranking of #1 Chiropractor in the Poconos for four consecutive years. While chiropractic care often has the reputation of being a “pain relieving therapy,” the truth behind it is that it is a treatment to the spine to take pressure off the joints and nerves. Nerves control every function in the body, including sight, hearing, heartbeats, lung breaths, digestion, bladder control, immunity, coordination, balance, sensory development, and posture. Patients of all ages can benefit from a visit to the Laubachs’. Check out their website for more information on the services they offer.

On their website you will also find more information about how Dr. Beth can help with your nutrition and overall wellness. Whether your goal is to feel healthier, lose weight, fit into that bathing suit, or even clear up your skin, you can get there with a better understanding of your body and a little professional guidance and support. An official Arbonne distributor for years, Dr. Beth strongly believes in their products and attests that they have personally changed her life. Although she supports Arbonne she does not require that you do too. In fact, if you have another program that you follow, she will go through the program with you and help you determine if it’s genuine.
You can find informational videos from Dr. Beth on the Back 2 Health website and on Facebook, or join her at the office for monthly informational sessions. As a mother and business owner, Dr. Beth knows what it takes to step outside of your comfort zone and believes that all women have those “superhero” qualities if they can overcome their fears and hesitations.

A chiropractor, wellness expert, nutrition specialist, advocate for empowering women, wife, and mother – Dr. Beth does it all and with a smile on her face. If you need to make a change in your life, visit Back 2 Health Family Wellness today and get an opinion you can trust.

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