A new addition to the Spruce Lake Family

Our community has grown to know Spruce Lake as a place of positivity, connection, exploration, and fun. As parents, we trust Spruce Lake with the care and education of our children. As families, we visit to reconnect, explore nature, and feel closer to God. As individuals, we look to the organization to build meaningful relationships, refresh the body and soul, and deepen our faith. Spruce Lake is a name that is synonymous with faith, trust, and goodwill. On October 17th, 2018, the Spruce Lake family grew when the organization officially took over stewardship of Pinebrook. With the goal of extending their values and reaching further into the heart of our community, Spruce Lake plans to continue “Pointing People Toward Christ” as they build on the deep history of the Pinebrook grounds.

As a resident of the Poconos, chances are you have traveled by the property now known as Pinebrook. Located off of Route 191 in Stroudsburg, the Pinebrook property spans 134 acres and includes Pinebrook Park, the roaring Brodhead Creek, and miles of lush forest. In 1933, Pinebrook was established by well-known evangelist Percy Crawford. The property began as the Pinebrook Bible Conference for young people in the Pocono Mountains. Percy brought many of the nation’s leading Bible teachers, like Billy Graham, and musicians to the property during the 28 years he served as director. Today, Spruce Lake honors the 85 years of history and tradition established by Crawford by offering a peaceful location to rest, restore, and reconnect.

Currently, Pinebrook serves primarily as a retreat and conference center for Christian and corporate groups. The sprawling property includes six lodging units with 92 rooms that can accommodate up to 424 guests. A variety of indoor and outdoor meeting spaces ensure that groups of all size can be accommodated. Other amenities include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, an outdoor amphitheater, a basketball court, gaga ball court, playgrounds, a gym, and more, all available to guests. You won’t want to miss a meal while at Pinebrook either. Three buffet-style meals are served every day and are always a highlight of any visit. While Spruce Lake has already begun working their magic to transform this property into an impeccable space, their plans for the future are even more exciting.

One of the things we love most about Spruce Lake is its impressive summer day camp program. Unique programming and opportunities for kids reassure parents that their kids are making the most of their summer days. Beginning summer of 2021, Pinebrook will be offering the same summer day camp program for kids. Day camp is just the beginning of plans to better serve families in need of care. Future endeavors also include before and after-school care for kids with the same awesome opportunities summer campers receive.

Pinebrook is now open to local residents and church organizations looking for meeting space. They even have the perfect space for baptisms. If you would like a tour of the property or more information, visit pinebrook.org or call 570.424.1212. You can also check them out on Facebook!

5335 Pinebrook Rd., East Stroudsburg, PA