I think it’s safe to say we have all experienced that dreaded moment when you are asked to accept or decline trip protection before confirming a travel purchase. Here we are with thousands of dollars on the line and we still can’t help but wonder if we should add that additional cost of travel protection. I wish they would just package in the cost of insurance and make it mandatory; that would eliminate the moment where we could potentially make a HUGE mistake if we decide to opt out of the travel protection. As a Travel Agent, I always advise my clients to purchase trip protection. If they choose to go without, they must electronically waive their trip protection coverage so I have proof they were offered it and chose to decline. Most people are not expecting the unexpected when they travel; however, this is the main reason to purchase trip protection. The UNEXPECTED!

Scenario #1

You unexpectedly need to cancel your trip, and you didn’t purchase insurance. Sick spouse, last minute babysitter canceled, or your job changed its mind about your vacation time. If you are like most people, you probably didn’t read the fine print when agreeing to the cancellation terms and conditions. Every vendor has a different cancellation policy. Within this policy you will find how many days in advance you need to cancel to avoid penalties. Some vendors charge a penalty if you cancel at any point before your trip. Airlines almost always charge a change or re-ticketing fee when flight plans change. Ever notice they offer trip insurance when you buy airline tickets? That’s because they charge a fee to make changes when the unexpected happens. If you purchase the trip insurance, you only lose the cost of the insurance. In this scenario, purchasing trip insurance is the best idea.

Scenario #2

You are having fun on the water slides with the kids in the destination of your choice. The last thing you imagined when you booked this trip is that your child would emerge from the water with a bloody nose. Surprise, it’s broken! Second surprise, your insurance from home doesn’t cover you in this location! You can potentially be dealing with hospitals that won’t service you without full payment in advance due to lack of insurance. As a parent, the last thing you want to face is your child not being able to get the care the or she needs because you weren’t prepared. In this scenario, I think it’s safe to say travel protection would’ve been a good idea.

Scenario #3

I think by now you see the importance of travel protection; however, I’m going to give you one more scenario that hopefully will show you how important travel protection is. You made it to the airport on time with your crew for your flights – three hours in advance for international, two hours in advance for domestic. You made sure you did everything correctly – printed boarding passes, brought your passports, and arrived on time. You made it through security and are at the gate in record time. What can go wrong? You know you should never ask that question! As your flight time approaches you realize your plane is not at the terminal with no airline staff in sight. You start to realize your plane is delayed! There are several factors that can be taken into consideration to determine how bad this situation can get. Are you depending on a connecting flight to get you to your destination? Are you flying in to port the day of a cruise? Is this the last flight to your destination and now you will have to forfeit one night stay? Is this the last available flight to your destination for the next few days due to weather or scheduling? You get my drift. The unexpected can cost you A TON of extra cash if you choose not to purchase trip protection. I think we can all agree that in this situation you would have been better off purchasing that trip protection. With the trip protection, additional costs or fees are covered and refunded. My rule of thumb is as follows: Whenever you invest in anything that costs a good amount of money, purchase the insurance. If you can afford to lose the entire amount of the cost of the trip without feeling pain, then you might be ok without. Moral of the story? Purchase that trip protection! •

By: Maria LaDuca, The Agency Chic

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