Ho! Ho! How is it possible that we’re already welcoming a new year!? Our first issue of 2020! Even though I still have Halloween decorations hanging in my house, mentally I’m already settling in for a long winter’s nap. Just kidding. There’s definitely no time for a nap. The holidays are in full swing. It’s time to embrace the chaos and accept the fact that there is never enough time, energy, or money to do it all. I’ll save that nap for February. Again, just kidding. There’s no naps….ever….my kids make sure of that.

This issue of MeSee is always fun for us because we get to explore all the great things that are available right here in our own backyard. Sure, I wouldn’t survive the holidays without Amazon but online shopping can’t replace the fun of visiting local stores. From decor to music, holiday shopping in real life has a way of summoning the Christmas spirit, unless you’re at The Crossings on Black Friday or hitting up Bartonsville on December 24th. In this issue you can check out some awesome local finds and ideas to help wrap up your shopping list as well as seasonal events perfect for your whole family.

We would like to send you all our most sincere wishes for a safe, happy and healthy holiday season. Thank you to all of our readers, advertisers and friends for always supporting MeSee. Our goal for the upcoming year is to continue providing families with ideas that encourage family togetherness and positivity.

As always, we love to hear from you! Share your stories and ideas, artwork, pictures of your families, and more with us online. You can find us on Facebook or email us anytime at info@meseemag.com. We know that moms and dads have all the secrets and know all the tricks to entertaining kids, so tell us what we need to know.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night……just kidding. There’s probably no naps in your future either!