Something you never expect when becoming a parent is just how much the weather will factor into your parenting. As I write this, we’re on snow day number 9,974 and I’m SURE that I was a much better parent back in December. My kid just ate 27 packs of fruit snacks and, honestly, I don’t care if he eats 12 more, as long as I can stay in this chair long enough to finish this letter. I swear, back in December he was eating sliced fruit and homemade, gluten-free protein bars. (Wink!)

Working on this issue has me dreaming of warmer weather, and I can’t wait to greet it with open arms. My kids and I have been drafting up our summer bucket list, and we’re looking forward to dusting off our bikes and enjoying the extra hours of daylight. 

This issue of MeSee will help get you in the mood for spring, if you aren’t already. We have a special feature on local summer camps, information on an awesome programs for kids interested in aviation, local artwork, and PETS! We’re also introducing a new campaign that we’re really excited about. The People Who Care campaign will feature people in our community that make a difference just by being kind. No act of kindness is too small. We need YOU to send in your letters telling us about a person in your life that has made a difference just because they care.

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