By the time you read this it will be October. The kids will be into the swing of school, and we’ll all be back on track with our various schedules. Schedules can be hard, and they can make us all feel like we’re spinning our wheels. But not today! Today, as I write this, ALL of my kids are in school for the first time this year! I’m sitting here in peace, able to carry a single thought from my brain to the computer. It feels amazing. So when you’re reading this, think back to that first day of school when you regained that very small sliver of freedom. Maybe your kids are too young to head off to school, or maybe they are too old for your to truly appreciate this phenomenon – whatever the case, enjoy every ounce of freedom you get today, because you certainly deserve it!

I think I have said this before, and it’s likely an unfavorable opinion, but why do we all look forward to summer so much? Fall is the BEST! There’s so much to do and see during the next few months, and I’m excited to get out with my family and enjoy. Get ready, because we’re bringing you all the fall fun!

In this issue, you’ll learn about some amazing restaurants in our area that are great spots to take your entire family. You’ll find features on Pocono Soaps, the Pocono Indian Museum, The Stourbridge Line, Country Junction’s fall festivities, and more. We’ll also round up all the pumpkin picking, apple gathering, Halloween scaring fun. Be sure to check out our delicious, seasonal treats and goodies – all things you can whip up at home.

As always, we love to hear from you! Share your stories and ideas, pictures of your family, and more. You can find us on Facebook, or email us anytime at We know that moms and dads have all the secrets and know all the tricks to entertaining kids, so tell us what we need to know.

We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together. Thanks for reading and being part of our MeSee community.

Amanda & Kelly