As I write this, I’m still basking in the glow of Christmas lights and enjoying several inches of fresh snow on the ground. My kids are contently playing with their new toys and it feels as though winter could last forever. If only I could bottle these moments because as a parent, I know the real storm is coming. No, I’m not talking about the next big snowfall, I’m talking about that time of year where kids and parents slowly start losing their minds. Cabin fever sets in, kids get restless, parents get anxious and together we sit confined in our homes, silently praying that we’ll wake up to 60 degree weather. Ohhh February and March, why must you come so soon?
This issue of MeSee is stocked with things to see and do. From trips to the Casino Theatre to nights out at Escape Pocono, we’ll try our best to help you survive the lull of winter. If Mother Nature decides to show us what winter is all about then enjoy some crafts and recipes to help you get through.

We are always looking for more MeSee Mini Artists so break out the art supplies on those snowy days and let your kids create a masterpiece for us. You just might see it on the cover of a future issue! Take a picture and email it to, upload it to our Facebook page or drop it in the mail. We love seeing your kids’ works of art!

We hope you enjoy this issue of MeSee as much as we’ve enjoyed making it. Our goal for 2017 is to get out and about with all our MeSee friends. We’ll be hosting Mini Artist days, hanging out at local grocery stores with special goodies and holding fun events for kids of all ages.

As parents we need to stick together, so drop us a line, tell us what you think, share your ideas with us! Until next time, goodbye and good luck – see you in the Spring!