[ mom – pruh – nur ] or [ dad– pruh – nur ] a multi-tasking superhero that artfully juggles the stresses of running a business while managing the lives of little ones. Support these mommas and daddies who are bravely conquering the world.

Young Living Essential Oils

100% pure and therapeutic grade essential oils for use on kids, animals and parents. Replace harmful chemicals in your home, uplift moods, promote sound sleep, ease occasional pain, boost energy, support digestion and healthy immune system… you name it — there’s an oil for it! Education is key to using your oils correctly and for that I have a education group for advice and host multi-level workshops in-person and on Facebook.

Danielle Nicole G. – Young Living Essential Oils, Independent Distributor
(760) 812.0559


LuLaRoe clothing is more comfortable, versatile and wearable than most clothing you find in stores. It’s flattering, affordable and designed to fit women of all ages, sizes and styles. Rather than a big box store with the same shirts or skirts, LLR gives customers a more intimate buying experience with a variety of styles. Learn more about Lori and LLR in this issue and join her Facebook to shop.

Lori Zyblicki – LuLaRoe, Coach & Fashion Consultant

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Create your ideal beauty experience! I offer personalized service that fits you. If you’d like a one-on-one consultation, a party with friends, a virtual party, makeup tips, skin care advice or free samples contact me. You can always try before you buy. If you prefer to shop online only or order by e-mail or phone, the choice is yours. I’d love to help you with any or all of your beauty needs.

Korie Stiff

Well Scripted, A Paige Cotter Original

Lettering, calligraphy, script and every type in between on chalkboards, glass and many other surfaces. Email me today for more information.

Paige Cotter