The concept of family isn’t exclusive to those who share your DNA. For many, family can mean the people you care about most or to whom you are bonded. Sometimes more important than the relationships formed through birth or marriage, a family is where you can find your most meaningful connections. Shared beliefs and values, common experiences and unconditional support are often the ties that bind. At Monsignor McHugh School, family is a tradition and kindness and respect are at it’s heart.

Located in Cresco, Monsignor McHugh School is dedicated to providing pre-k through 8th grade students a positive, encouraging environment that supports growth and learning. With a wide variety of classroom programs including music, art, computers, STREAM, foreign language and more, students have opportunities to explore different subjects and uncover their talents and interests. Welcoming students of all faiths, Monsignor McHugh School emphasizes the importance of respect and teaches students how religion should be used to guide their daily decision making.

Dr. Becca Torregrossa, principal and matriarch of Monsignor McHugh School has felt the connection to her students, parents, and co-workers long before becoming principal. After teaching at MMS for 14 years, Dr. Torregrossa can recount many remarkable stories of how the students at MMS have supported one another during good times and bad, as every family should. While the members of the MMS community have always shared a connection, Dr. Torregrossa believes this year, her community is changing…and for the better.

During her last two and a half years as principal, Dr. Torregrossa has established that kindness and respect are king. “Good News Notes” and letters of appreciation are regular correspondence and “what you do matters,” is a familiar phrase. This warmth and positivity are some of the most notable catalysts for change at MMS. Another key contributor is the addition of the school’s new Art Director, Sharon Ryan, who has opened the lines of communication with students and cultivated a safe zone for creativity. “There has been such a transformation with Sharon coming in,” says Dr. Torregrossa. “There’s no judgement and the kid’s know that, they feel that.”

While Ms. Ryan’s artistic qualities are obvious, her ability to connect with the students is even more compelling. An advocate and mentor, Ryan explains that students just have a way of opening up to her. The joyful noise coming from her classroom and messy floors are evidence that her students are leaving her class with full heads and hearts. Mindful of the healing capabilities of art, Ms. Ryan follows the lead of her students, working on projects that develop organically and evolve over the course of the year. Together, the entire school works to prepare for their annual Art Show coming up on May 1st.

If you are a parent in search of a more intimate and meaningful school experience for your children. Or, you would like your kids to be part of a positive and supportive community that teaches the importance of kindness and respect, the Monsignor McHugh School family is a perfect place to call home. While MMS welcomes children of all faiths, Monsignor McHugh School is part of the Notre Dame School System of the Diocese of Scranton and serves the Pocono area in Monroe County. To learn more about MMS and hear first-hand how the school is striving each day to help raise upstanding adults, reach out to MMS today.

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