What if I told you an extracurricular activity could help improve your child’s abilities in math and reading? And that that same activity may enhance his respiratory systems and boost his listening skills? Studies show that playing an instrument can lead to these positive effects and many more. Ready to sign your child up? Outside of school, there are several great local options for music lessons.

Big Bug Music, located on North 9th Street in Stroudsburg, is your one-stop shop for lessons, plus instrument rentals, sales, and repairs. Whether your child is interested in playing the piccolo or the piano, the instructors at Big Bug are well equipped to teach beginner to expert musicians. Better yet, Big Bug prides itself on being a family-friendly location. Not only is it safe and clean, but it’s a place that strives to create a fun environment for kids.

For $25, your child will receive a 30-minute, one-on-one lesson. While guitar, drums, and piano lessons are some of the most popular, Big Bug offers lessons for a wide variety of instruments. Vocal lessons, with Shawnee Playhouse’s Midge McClosky, are available too. Whether your child is interested in improving her skills for the school play or wants to sing like Taylor Swift, Midge is ready to help.

Looking for someone to come to you? Andrea Stiff, a Kutztown University graduate and General Music Specialist within the Pocono Mountain School District, offers private, in-home music lessons. Andrea has years of experience, both playing and teaching music. Though her instruments of choice are in the brass family, Andrea has taught woodwinds and strings, including the ukulele! Lessons are 30 minutes and cost just $15. For more information or to schedule a lesson with Andrea, call 570.369.0749 or email andreastiff@gmail.com.

So when is the right time to begin lessons? Big Bug says skills really start to “stick” at age 6, but younger children who can focus for at least 30 minutes are welcome to attend. They’ll never turn a customer away simply because of age. Check out Big Bug online at www.bigbugmusic.com or call 570.424.6040 to schedule a lesson today. Don’t forget to “like” Big Bug Music on Facebook to get the latest scoop on what’s happening at Big Bug.

By: Jamie Bowman