One of my favorite Fall activities is watching my kids roll down the hill in our front yard into piles of leaves. Seeing the huge smiles on their faces while they spin out of control reminds me that happiness can be found in the smallest, most simple activities – something we should all remember this holiday season.

After Halloween it seems we’re all on a fast roll downhill to the end of the year. Weeks are filled with parties, school events, family gatherings, baking, visiting, and shopping; the list goes on and on. Before we know it we’re watching the ball drop (if you’re actually still awake, that is).

Just like Santa’s sleigh, this issue is packed with plenty of holiday cheer. You’ll find gift ideas, holiday wreath collections, places to visit, things to do, and some of our favorite winter items. Check out cocktails and mocktails for celebrations and New Year’s Eve activities the whole family will enjoy. There are chances to win BIG prizes and you won’t want to miss some of our area’s great local happenings, like candy cane demonstrations at Callie’s Pretzel Factory.

Right now, let’s promise ourselves we won’t get lost in the holiday shuffle and remember where happiness can be found. Happiness isn’t found in the biggest box under the tree; it’s found at the bottom of a hill, covered in leaves.

Happy Holidays to you all and thank you for making our year so bright!