Summer is coming, y’all! When I think about summer I like to think of myself basking in the sunshine, on my lawn or on a beach, just relaxing while soaking up the rays. In reality, that never happens – lounging or relaxing in general rarely happens while the sun is still out but let’s focus on the positive. Sunny days and warm weather mean more stuff for kids to do…..outside….where you are less likely to hear them fighting….where they tire themselves out, making bedtime so much easier. Oh summer, your arrival comes at the perfect time.

This issue of MeSee is full of our favorite summertime activities. What I have loved most about summer since childhood are the fairs and carnivals that come to town. Our events section is chalked full of great local events to put on your calendar. If you’re looking for get out of town for the weekend, we also have some quick road trip ideas that are guaranteed to be crowd pleasers.
We’re having so much fun at our MeSee events and we love to mingle with our fellow parents. Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Mini Artist Day and the freezing, rainy Scavenger Hunt – we’re looking forward to many more, minus the cold and rain.

As always, we love to hear from you! Join us for events. Share your ideas, stories, and more. You can find us on Facebook or email us anytime at We know that moms and dads have all the secrets and know all the tricks to entertaining kids, so feel free to fill us in on what we need to know!

We hope you continue to enjoy MeSee Magazine as much as we enjoy creating it. Now get out and enjoy the sunshine.