We’re TWO! This issue marks MeSee’s second birthday – hooray! When two year olds aren’t busy being terrible, they’re joyful and fun which is exactly what we strive to be. Positive, joyful, and fun! Over the last year we have learned what our readers love most about MeSee, and that’s our positive message and fun content. We’re happy you turn to us when you’re looking for uplifting stories about local families and different events and opportunities to share with your loved ones.

We’ve also learned how much fun it is to see your children’s artwork within our pages. Nothing makes us happier than when you submit a masterpiece made specially for us! If your little artist wants to create a cover for us, please keep in mind that our covers are vertical and we need to be able to put our logo over top of it. Seasonal colors and festive concepts are appreciated too!

This issue is packed full of ideas to fill your final days of summer. Plan a quick camping trip to Keen Lake, enjoy one of the many fairs and festivals going on this time of year, and get ready to head back to school. You can also read about some great education programs Northampton Community College offers kids of all ages. Is your child into baking, art, or technology? How about music? We have information on where to take music lessons and foster your child’s love of sound. We have interviews with awesome local families and some cool crafts, courtesy of our friend Kelly at Country Home Learning.

As always, we love to hear from you! Share your stories and ideas, pictures of your family, and more. You can find us on Facebook or email us anytime at info@meseemag.com. We know that moms and dads have all the secrets and know all the tricks to entertaining kids, so tell us what we need to know.

Like we said in our very first issue, we don’t have the answers to any of your parenting questions, but we hope to give you some ideas to help navigate the joys, swerves, and curves of parenting. Now go have yourself a piece of cake or two. If anyone asks, just tell them you’re celebrating a birthday!