Nothing makes you appreciate Fall more than a long, hot summer spent at home with your kids. Don’t get us wrong, we look forward to summer all year but by July we’re exhausted! Cramming all of your favorite activities into 3 months is a lot of hard work. While summer is fun, let’s be honest, the best time to be a parent is now. School is in full swing, pumpkin patches are opening, Fall festivals are beginning and Dunkin Donuts has Pumpkin Donuts again. Happy day!

In this issue of MeSee Magazine you can find Fall activities for indoors or outdoors, treats, crafts, and some of our favorite things. It’s hard to believe the holidays are right around the corner but thinking about Thanksgiving gets us pretty excited. Hearing our kids tell us what they are thankful for is a perk of this job. Kids are hilarious… and honest!

We’re thankful for all of you! Thank you to all of the parents and non-parents alike who picked up the first issue of MeSee Magazine, liked our Facebook page and gave us your feedback. We are overwhelmed by the response we have received and it just proves that parents need to ride this rollercoaster together. Sharing tips, things to do, funny stories or pictures of your proudest parenting moments can make or break another parent’s day.

Enjoy this issue… hopefully with a nice Pumpkin Donut in hand. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook for more fun!