Teaching horsemanship from the ground up.

The drive up to the beautiful blue barn, with stall doors open and handsome horse faces leaning out to greet you, can make even the smallest of riders feel privileged to be there. Set in a landscape of sprawling green fields, the exterior of this impressive equestrian facility is just as clean and well cared for as the inside. The whinny of the horses only confirms that Pleasant Ridge Farm is a hidden gem, tucked away in the corner of Cresco.

From stalls to saddles, owner, instructor, and life-long rider, Briana Yetter, knows that complete horsemanship starts from the ground up, teaching safety and horse care, not just riding. Pleasant Ridge offers a diverse lesson program, designed to suit all ages and abilities. If you are a first time rider or beginner, you can expect to learn the basics of riding with an emphasis on a balanced and independent seat.

Pleasant Ridge Farm is committed to helping its students reach their riding goals, whether that means gaining the confidence to become a competent pleasure rider or honing the technical skills to get in the show ring and compete. The instructors are seasoned equestrians, some of whom are ARIA certified (American Riding Instructors of America). As you develop as a rider, different riding disciplines will be introduced, from dressage and eventing to hunter/jumpers. Focus on one or develop skills in all.

In addition to lessons, Pleasant Ridge also offers Early Rider Camps, Specialty Camps, a weekend Kids’ Club and “From the Ground Up” clinics, which are six sessions that focus on horse care issues. This is a great way for parents to become more educated and involved with their children’s love of horses. During these unmounted clinics, you will learn professional tips and tricks regarding grooming, anatomy, show prep, basic equine first aid, bathing, correct ground handling, and more.
If your child has an interest in horses or you think it’s something he or she may enjoy, check out the Saturday Kids’ Club. Offered every other Saturday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., club members will receive a complete education in horse care and stable management, experience barn life, and participate in group riding lessons with comprehensive riding instruction.
Pleasant Ridge Farm has so much to offer anyone who shares a love of horses. You don’t have to be an expert or have any training at all – the team at Pleasant Ridge will teach you everything you need to know. For more information on all available programs, visit their website or call today.

Important Facts:

• Lessons and clinics are offered year-round with indoor and outdoor facilities. Some dedicated riders even ride in their snowsuits!

• Safety First! Helmets are mandatory. Borrow one or bring your own.

• The optimal age to introduce your children to formal instruction is 5-years-old but may vary depending on your child.

• Mommy and Me Clinics are for ages 3-6.


Pleasant Ridge Farm, LLC
122 Barn Swallow Lane, Cresco, PA 18326