The Answer to Your Winter Blues

As I sit in the lobby of Pocono Family YMCA, I feel motivated, energized, and excited. People of all ages are bustling in and out, chatting with friends, greeting friendly faces with big smiles and familiarity. Groups of kids are walking through with their classmates, laughing and talking in line. Looking around the room I see a sign above the registration area that says “Dive-In Movie.” Watching a movie while swimming? A child’s dream come true! On this freezing cold, wintry day I can’t wait to learn more about all the activities the Pocono YMCA has to offer.

When Natasha Moore, Membership and Marketing Director for the Pocono YMCA, joins me in the lobby I immediately ask her to tell me more about the Dive-In Movie. She explains that the Dive-In Movie happens every other Friday night and everyone is welcome, including members and non-members who must pay a small fee. I’m already excited, knowing that my own children would LOVE to get in some winter swim time, when Natasha proceeds to tell me more about all of the great programs and activities families can find at Pocono Family YMCA.

Finding things to do with your kids, especially during the winter months, can be a challenge, so sitting in the YMCA lobby felt like striking gold. While access to the pool caught my immediate attention, the extensive sports and recreation programs for kids of all ages only further intrigued me. Gym & swim, soccer leagues and clinics, adaptive sports, and volleyball are just some of the available activities, all ranging from ages 4 and up with swimming available to children as young as 2 years old. There are also art classes and workshops, programming for teens, programs for families, and an endless list of fitness and gym classes available to adults. It became clear to me why all the members I observed were in such good spirits.

In addition to giving you and your children a chance to get active and have some positive experiences, the Pocono Family YMCA also offers high-quality, licensed child care programs that demonstrate and teach values. Each child will be able to understand and demonstrate the four core values: caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. With the goal of stimulating the children’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development, the YMCA’s child care programs meet the developmental needs of each particular age group. During the summer months, a variety of specialty camps are offered, with everything from sports and adventure to arts and STEM. You can also utilize their Child Watch services if you need to take some time for yourself and fit in a fitness class or adult program.

What makes the Pocono Family YMCA different? The Y is a non-profit, cause-driven organization dedicated to youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. They know that a strong community can only be achieved when we invest in our kids, our health, and our neighbors. Building strength together, individually and as a community, is at the core of what the Y does. Much of this is accomplished by the hard work of the dedicated and committed YMCA staff team and support from the community.

The Pocono Family YMCA is also one of the only gyms or family centers that offers financial aid. In order to make the facilities available to everyone, the Y strives to make sure each individual or family is able to be a member and make the most of the membership. But you don’t need to be a member to be a part of the Y; non-members are welcome, too. For more information on membership types and costs, visit the Pocono Family YMCA website.

Like any non-profit, the YMCA relies on your help to remain an integral part of our community. Whether you volunteer your time, make a donation, or participate in programs, your involvement is what makes it possible for the YMCA to offer the community and its youth these unique experiences.

For more information on upcoming events, membership details, specific schedules and programs, and to learn how to get involved, visit the Pocono Family YMCA website, Facebook page, or stop in and let a friendly staff member assist you. My kids and I will see you at the pool!


Pocono Family YMCA
809 Main Street | Stroudsburg, PA 18360