Over 40 years of rentals and expert service.

With over 40 consecutive years in business, it’s clear that Pocono Ski Rentals has mastered the black diamond of ski and snowboard rentals. Whether you’re suiting up for your first trip down the bunny slope or upgrading to some steeper terrain, the crew at Pocono Ski Rentals are experts in supplying or tuning up all the equipment you might need. From skis to snowboards, boots, bindings and everything in between, Pocono Ski Rentals has you covered.

Nestled between a number of local ski resorts, it seems only right that you hit the slopes and make the most of the frigid temps. For some, spending the day on a mountain is second nature but for others, the process of hitting the slopes can be exhausting and overwhelming…especially with kids. Putting on snow clothes and wrestling with awkward boots is enough to make anyone break a sweat. Now, time to stand in the rental line! After trying on several pairs of boots, adjusting bindings, and struggling to get all of your equipment out the door – you’re exhausted before you even begin. Wouldn’t you like to be one of the few that seamlessly flow from car to slopes? Pocono Ski Rentals can help.

Pocono Ski Rentals is a family friendly rental shop with a reputation for superior customer service and quality equipment. Started in 1977, Bud Bonser opened the doors of Pocono Ski Rentals with a small amount of skis and slowly began building his business each year. Today, Pocono Ski Rentals is owned and operated by longtime friends of Bonser, the DeVivo family. The women of the DeVivo family work together, along with a crew of certified technicians and knowledgeable staff, to run the rental shop. Grace DeVivo, along with her mother and grandmother, continue Bud’s passion for giving customers a rewarding experience on the slopes. Not only has Pocono Ski Rentals gained recognition for being one of the only woman-owned rental shops but they have received awards for their work as well. In addition, Grace and her family are working on grants that will benefit the community including after school ski program funding and specialized ski equipment for special needs.

A positive experience on the slopes starts with the right equipment and the crew at Pocono Ski Rentals thoughtfully focuses on each individual to find the best fit without breaking the bank. Skis, snowboards, snow blades, boots, helmets, wrist guards, pants, jackets and other apparel are all available for rent at Pocono Ski Rentals. Gloves and goggles are also available for purchase as well as new and used equipment. All equipment is in excellent condition and maintained daily. Already have equipment that just needs a tune-up? The experienced techs have you covered.

So, what are the benefits of visiting Pocono Ski Rentals before hitting the slopes? It’s simple! Cost, convenience, flexibility and expertise. The cost of renting equipment from Pocono Ski Rentals is generally 35% less than rental fees at most resorts. In addition, you can can rent for a single day, multiple days, or even an entire season which is great, especially for growing children. Want to flow seamlessly from your car to the slopes? Getting the proper equipment in advance can ensure a hassle free trip. Plus, all your equipment will be fitted and customized just for you.

The season is upon us and soon the flakes will fly. A visit to Pocono Ski Rentals, located on Sullivan Trail near the base of Big Pocono and Camelback Mountain, will help prepare you to make the most of it. Whether you’re a parent introducing your kids to snow sports for the first time, a veteran in search of new equipment, or a growing teen looking for an upgrade, check out this local landmark.

Visit the Pocono Ski Rentals website for information on the brands they carry, including Gilson (American-made equipment available here, exclusively), and other useful tips. Also, be sure to ask about Pocono Ski Rentals “Frequent Skier Club” which is a 25% discount off their regular rental price! See you on the slopes!

1832 Sullivan Trail, Tannersville, PA
(570) 629-4668