A local spot for freshly unique parties and gifts.

It’s no surprise that when you step through the doors of Pocono Soap you’re immediately welcomed with the most warm, refreshing scents to ever tickle your nose. Not only will you wish your home smelled half as inviting as this perfectly arranged shop, but your body and clothing as well. From handcrafted bath and body products, essential oils, natural oils and butters for soap making, and an assortment of other home/body care items, you’ll want to soak yourself in your favorite scents. And while the delicious scents might draw you in, the gifts, crafts, jewelry, and other thoughtful items will keep you coming back for more.

Since August 2014, mother/daughter duo Lisa Diemer and Amanda Beam have worked to fill their store with a large selection of awesomely unique products and gifts while simultaneously offering DIY classes and coordinating parties of all kind. It’s hard to believe that it all began with the perfect honey lip balm. As beekeepers, Lisa and Amanda were always dreaming up fun things to do with the honey that their hives produced. After crafting their signature honey lip balm recipe, they began to sell it at their bakery, Kitchen Chemistry, where the lip balm grew in popularity. It didn’t take long for their lip balm to start selling out, inspiring them to experiment with new flavors and start expanding their offering of products. It was then that Pocono Soap was born, right off of Main Street in Stroudsburg.

Homegrown honey is just one of the natural ingredients used in many of the Pocono Soap goods. All-natural soaps, lotions, and body scrubs are available in a wide variety of scents, including classics like lavender and vanilla. You can also find some truly unique scents, like Adventurer Soap, Beach Soap, Barber Shoppe Soap, Flannel Sheet Soap, Volcano Soap…even Monkey Farts Soap (the preferred scent of all kids). The famous honey lip balm is available in a number of flavors and in the form of lotion bars, bath bombs. Body and home sprays are available in this amazing scent as well.

In addition to their homemade items, you can find plenty of unique and thoughtful gifts from local and international crafters, like comical signs for your home, soy candles, jewelry, and seasonal favorites like scarves, totes, and fall decor.

Interested in learning how to make some of Pocono Soap’s awesome products yourself? Most weekends you can join them in their classroom to learn about topics like lip balm tin making, cold process soap making, advanced soap making, body spray and body scrub making, and more. In each of these classes you’ll learn to make a product and will get to take the final product home with you to enjoy! For a complete list of classes and other upcoming events, visit the Pocono Soap Facebook page or call for the schedule. Not only are the classes informative, they’re also lots of fun!

Looking for a unique birthday party or celebration? No matter what the age, parties at Pocono Soap are always a memorable experience. MeSee had the opportunity to have a bath bomb making party of our own for six lucky kids. The kids were fully engaged and enjoyed picking their delicious smells (Monkey Farts, of course), mixing their ingredients, and selecting their bath bomb shapes. The bombs didn’t last very long; tubs were drawn as soon as the kids got home and they jumped into their brightly colored, Monkey Fart smelling tubs! Bath bomb parties aren’t the only parties available. Interested in body scrubs or soaps? Whatever your preference, Pocono Soap can accommodate any group.

There are so many smells and sights to experience at Pocono Soap, so stop in to see (and smell) for yourself. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member, some new products to add to your beauty regime, or are interested in an upcoming class, just follow the amazing aroma to Pocono Soap, located right off of Main Street in Stroudsburg.

Pocono Soap
10 N. 7th Street, Stroudsburg, PA