Safe. Organized. Affordable. Fun!

That’s the mantra of 570 Sports Camps, and players (and parents) agree. Have a kid that wants to improve at a sport? Is your child interested in sports but doesn’t want to join a school league? Or does your kid want to have fun, learn, and burn some energy? All kids can benefit from 570 Sports Camps, and we had the chance to talk to Brian Mitchell, one of the founders and experienced coaches, to get all the details on this awesome organization and everything it has to offer.

Q. Can you explain what 570 Sports Camps is and how it came about? 

A. 570 Sports Camps is a community organization offering youth sports leagues, camps, and clinics for girls and boys in the Pocono area (570 area code and beyond). Our motto and mission statement for all 570 Sports Camps is: Safe. Organized. Affordable. Fun!. We incorporate these standards into all the activities we offer to the Pocono area youth.
570 Sports Camps was created when four local football coaches, Chuck Dailey, Jim McCarroll, Jim Miller, and I, got together to create a new football camp. Rather than create another football camp that focuses on just one school district, we decided to create one big camp for kids throughout the Poconos. The template for our first camp was so successful that we have been able to take that basic ideology and infuse it into multiple camps and activities for girls and boys in the Poconos.

Q. You have a fully-loaded team of coaches. Tell us about them and their experience.

A. There is almost 100 years of experience between the four founders of 570 Sports Camps.

Chuck Dailey is known for creating the East Stroudsburg North Football program and is the athletic director at East Stroudsburg North.

Jim McCarroll is the only head football coach Pocono Mountain West has ever had! He has worked as the In-school Suspension teacher since the building opened.

Jim Miller is the head coach of Stroudsburg’s football team and a business teacher at Stroudsburg.

I was the long-time head football coach and athletic director at Lehman Intermediate School at East Stroudsburg North. I am a social studies teacher and have been at Lehman since the building opened.

Together, we organize and run every activity. From there, we collaborate with distinguished high school coaches of each specific sport/activity to create the quality experience people have come to expect from 570 Sports Camps.

Q. What types of camps do you offer? 

A. Presently, 570 Sports Camps has a football, field hockey, soccer, wrestling, and robotics camp. Our robotics camp is held at St. Luke’s Hospital: Monroe Campus and allows campers the unique opportunity to learn how STEM and robotics are used in medicine from St. Luke’s outstanding medical team. We are offering an all-new VETS sports performance-training clinic twice a week during the summer. We also offer a kicking clinic with Philadelphia Eagles legend David Akers for high school and college kickers.

Q. Does 570 Sports Camps offer other opportunities for athletes to learn, grow, and have fun?

A. We also have seasonal leagues! Our spring and fall flag football league are by far the most popular activities we run. Last spring, we had over 200 participants. We also offer a basketball clinic/league in the winter. We will be running our next wrestling tournament soon. This past March, our first tournament in Lehighton was a huge success with about 275 wrestlers from all over PA and NJ. It is also worth mentioning that we have athletic trainers from St. Luke’s on-site for all our leagues and camps.

Q. Do you have to be a certain age or ability level to join 570 Sports Camps? 

A. We have activities for a variety of ages. Our activities are designed with beginners in mind; however, our experienced high school coaches know how to coach and challenge participants of all abilities. We found as coaches that too many programs were focused on the top few players, and by the time kids were eligible for junior high sports, they felt like it was too late for them to give sports a try.

Q. Since 570 Sports Camps is not affiliated with any school district, are these camps and activities meant to replace or supplement a school program? 

A. Not at all! Our activities are designed to build interest and skill for school programs. Being around scholastic athletics for so long, we saw a need for youth programs that were run by quality people, were affordable, and were well organized. We also found that Lehigh Valley schools had an edge on our local schools. We realized that these athletes had been competing against each other since they were very young. We wanted to bring that competitive edge to our kids by having them grow up playing against some of the best athletes from the area, not just their school.

Q. If my kid is really into a sport, will 570 Sports Camps help him grow more as a player and perform better with his school team? 

A. Yes. All of our activities have two basic components. There is a clinical aspect that teaches players the basics and beyond (based on their ability). We also have a competitive component where your player will compete in safe, organized games against some of the best players in the area. There is no substitute for quality game experience!

Q. What is something our readers might not know about 570 Sports Camps? 

A. We give a tremendous amount back to the community. We have donated to numerous school athletic and academic programs. We’ve donated prizes to science fairs, community nights, and tricky trays. We’ve donated money to purchase books for elementary school students. We’ve sponsored the car for a young racer. But we are most proud of our 570 Scholarship Program. Through our partnership with St. Luke’s University Health Network Orthopedic Care, we award two $570 scholarships, annually, to athletes who have been a part of our programs

Q. What are some of the important lessons young athletes can learn at 570 Sports Camps? 

A. Sportsmanship. The expectation of all athletes (and their parents) is that we are a positive athletic community that refuses to tolerate lack of civility and sportsmanship. The bar is set high in all our programs, and I’m proud to say our families meet and exceed our expectations.

Q. What is the best way for our readers to learn more about everything you offer? 

A. We are on Instagram and Facebook where we regularly post photos and videos of all our great athletes and activities. To register for our activities,