Get out and see what the Poconos is all about! Located in Long Pond, Alvin’s Offroad Playground is a fun filled ATV, UTV, and dirt bike park with off-road trails for all skill levels. Experience a true off-road experience, conquering every trail with your own recreational vehicle or on one of theirs. We got the scoop on everything you can expect during your visit at Alvin’s.

Q. Alvin’s is the perfect spot to experience Pocono-style outdoor fun. Can you describe what newcomers can find at Alvin’s and what makes it so unique?

A. Here at Alvin’s we offer an adrenaline pumping 1 hour ATV tour. Every tour is different and the tour guides want to have as much fun as you, if not more. Our kid-friendly, family oriented BYO passes allow families with children to ride their own machines on a specific property designed for them. While you wait, pass the time shooting ATV parts, boats, bottles, and more at the Paintball Shooting Range.

Q. How big is the “playground” and where does the property span?

A. Our 70 acres includes 2 circular tracks, a figure eight track, multiple sections of wooded trails, hills, fields, and straight runs.

Q. What types of trails and terrain can you find?

A. The Playground is more of a flat property geared towards intermediate to beginner level riders. We are open all year long so customers can expect everything from rain, mud and dirt build up, to sunshine or snow.
Who is able to drive and/or ride and are there any restrictions?
To drive our machines you must be 14 years old and passengers are usually 5 -13 years or older. Combined weight of driver and passenger may not exceed 350 lbs. To bring your own machines you must have at least one person participating that is at least 14 years in your group. We highly encourage riders of all ages!

Q. What types of vehicles are allowed at Alvin’s? What types are available to rent?

A. Alvin’s allows you to bring off road vehicles such as ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Side by Sides, and Go Carts. Unfortunately we do not allow any vehicles that are made for road use. Our 1 hour tours are on Kawasaki Brute Forces. They are automatic, so no worrying about shifting between gears.

Q. You also have paintball, correct?

A. The newest addition to Alvin’s Offroad Playground is our Paintball Shooting Range. This 30 ft. by 40 ft. outdoor shooting range offers a wide range of interactive objects to shoot. Guaranteed to excite anyone, ages 12 and up may participate alone and children 5 to 11 may participate with a adult present to provide help if needed.

Q. Is there anything that people might not know about Alvin’s?

A. Alvin’s Offroad Playgrounds property has been a ATV/ snowmobile/ three wheeler rental property since the 1960s. First opening as Alvin’s Rentals under the great Alvin himself, then becoming Long Pond Rentals and today as Alvin’s Offroad Playground 60 years later. The original building and office is still used to this day. The owners and employees take great pride in knowing they provide a ATV tour that has repeat customers from 40 years ago!

Q. Even if you’re an expert and ride regularly, Alvin’s has some great trails to experience, correct?

A. Unfortunately, we do not have a property for all leveled riders when you bring your own machine. For customers who are looking for more difficulty and speed when bringing their own machine, we recommend our neighboring park Lost Trails in Dunmore PA.

Q. Before heading to Alvin’s, what should our readers do to make sure they are prepared?

A. Everyone must wear long pants and closed toed shoes. No sandals, crocs, capris or shorts. Wear clothing you are willing to get dirty! We run year round so please dress according to the weather. In the winter, multiple layers, boots, and gloves are needed. However in the summer jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt or tank tops are acceptable.

Alvin’s Offroad Playground
(570) 355-5060
2069 Long Pond Rd.
Long Pond, PA 18334