Advent Calendar

This year my family is starting a new tradition. The countdown to Christmas is something my kids look forward to each year, but somewhere along the way our traditional Advent calendar morphed into 25 days of treats and special activities. The result? Greedy, greedy little children. It’s not their fault, it’s mine. This year we’re going back to the heart of it all with 25 random acts of kindness. This craft is simple and something all of my children can enjoy in their own way.

What you’ll need

• One 24 count muffin tray
• List of 24 random acts of kindness
appropriate for your child’s age
• Washi tape
• Wrapping paper
• Scissors
• Double-sided tape
• Scrapbooking numbers or a marker
• Scrapbooking decorations
(if desired)

Step 1: Create a list of 25 random acts of kindness. I chose to type my list because I wanted our “Elf on the Shelf” to give them to my kids and was worried my handwriting might give it away.

Step 2: Cut the list into strips, roll them, and secure them with tape.

Step 3: Place each random act into the muffin tin. If you planned certain acts for certain days, be sure to keep that in mind. I also had some left over Tootsie Rolls from Halloween that I thew in as a special treat.

Step 4: Cut 24 circles from the wrapping paper, large enough to cover each muffin cup.

Step 5: Number each of the circles with scrapbook numbers or marker.

Step 6:
Put a small piece of double-sided tape on each side of the muffin cups and stick each wrapping paper circle to the tray.

Step 7:
Decorate the rest of the tray with scrapbook decorations.
Enjoy completing each of these acts with your children while teaching them the importance of always being kind.