Are you knocking on your CPA’s door January 1st with paperwork in hand? Or, are you blissfully living the “I’ve got plenty of time” life. Whatever your approach, it’s inevitable that April will be here before you know it and much like Santa, the IRS also has a naughty list you don’t want to have your name on. While there are a few different ways to file your yearly tax returns, professional help is the best way to maximize your return, get strategic advice, and ensure your taxes are filed correctly and on time.

Now that you’ve made the decision to hire a professional, you have to decide who to hire which can be even more overwhelming. Should you use the same one as your family members? Your neighbor gave you a suggestion, maybe you should go with that company. But wait, Facebook tells you to use someone else!? While referrals are helpful, when it comes to CPAs, experience is the key. Defined by their experience and superior customer service, Stone, Boylan & Associates, formerly Stone, Trembly & Associates, is fully equipped to handle even the most complex situations with ease.

Brian Stone, founder of Stone, Boylan & Associates, has been practicing accounting since 1981, establishing Stone Trembly in the area during the mid 90’s. In 2005, John Boylan joined the team, helping to build the firm’s reputation for attention to detail. One of the firm’s best qualities? They’re not your typical H&R Block, everyone at Stone, Boylan & Associates is sure to take their time, ensuring everything is done correctly.

The tax code is already very complex and it’s constantly changing which makes having a reliable CPA necessary for any family, individual or business. If you’re not well versed, you could really cost yourself some serious money. From an individual standpoint, even the most basic tax return can become very complex the second you have children. Your dependent children allow you to take various credits that if overlooked could cost you thousands of dollars. Also, every business owner should be using a CPA, not only for tax compliance, but business consulting as well. While Stone, Boylan & Associates doesn’t specialize in any certain industry, they are well versed in real estate and construction. As driving forces in our local economy, they frequently work with real estate offices, brokers, and agents as well as general contractors and subcontractors.

A relationship with a CPA shouldn’t just be something you seek out during tax season, everyone can benefit from advice from their CPA year-round, especially business owners. Each business is unique to its industry and owner(s). Each day can bring new challenges and questions that go well beyond income taxes, Should I hire a new employee? Should I purchase that new piece of equipment? How can I improve my bottom line? How much money should I be setting aside for income taxes? Stone, Boylan & Associates is there to help you run your business as efficiently as possible. Talking to your CPA before tax season starts is imperative and is considered being proactive. Tax season is more of a reactive approach, the planning period is over and if you wait until the end, you may have missed the boat.

Aside from tax planning and preparation, the amazing team at Stone, Boylan & Associates offer a number of other services as well. A full service accounting firm, they offer bookkeeping services, payroll preparation including quarterly tax returns and W2’s. They are also a peer reviewed firm which means we can offer audit and attestation services for larger companies.

The time to start your tax and financial preparations is now, and Stone, Boylan & Associates can help! Your first step? Give them a call for a free consultation. They will ask you to bring a copy of your prior year tax return and current business records if applicable they will discuss your situation and answer any questions that you may have.

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