New bike. Xbox One X. Beats headphones. iPhone X.

The average 12-year-old’s birthday wish list probably looks a lot like the list above. But Husna Kamar is anything but average. On her twelfth birthday, Husna did not want a party or even any gifts. Instead, Husna wanted to find a way to make a difference, and that’s exactly what she did.

After baking into the night, alongside her mother, Husna celebrated her birthday with a bake sale. The support from neighbors, teachers, and friends was so great that Husna was able to donate $360 to the Well Foundation, an organization that strives to “provide safe, clean, drinking water for all.” It was then that Husna realized she could make a difference doing something she enjoys, and thus, Sweets for Humanity was born.

At Sweets for Humanity, customers can order from a menu of delicious treats, like Hot Buttered Apple Pie and Red Velvet Brownies. Healthier options, like the best-selling Banana Walnut Bread, are available, too. With each order, Husna donates a portion of the proceeds to a charitable organization. Whether she’s giving girls access to education through the Malala Fund or paying off student lunch debt locally, Husna is focused on helping others.

Fast forward two years, and Sweets for Humanity is thriving. And while Husna may only be 14, this high school freshman is on the fast track to success. Not only is she business savvy, but she is a globally minded individual with a passion for kindness. Husna credits her grandmother and her mother for helping her take an interest in baking. Everything at Sweets for Humanity is baked from scratch, with many of the items originating from family recipes passed down from Husna’s grandmother. While these treats are undoubtedly delicious, they’re also made with quality, organic ingredients.

Ready to place your order? Check out to see all of the delectable desserts Husna is whipping up. Be on the lookout for new creations and special holiday menus. Then head over to Instagram, where @sweetsforhumanity will have your mouth watering. Whether you’re planning a party or simply satisfying your sweet tooth, consider Sweets for Humanity, where baking is making a big difference. •

By Jamie Bowman

Sweets for Humanity