These pinecone turkeys are a simple DIY craft for you and you little ones to help add to your Thanksgiving table setting. It’s a fun way to get kids involved in the decorating. Let them make one for each guest attending and then use them as a name holder or just place them around the house for a cute Turkey Day decoration!

what you’ll need
• Pinecones
• Popsicle Sticks
• Construction Paper
• Buttons
• Hot Glue Gun
• Scissors

1. Trace your little one’s hands onto different colors of construction paper and then cut them out.

2. Fan them out and stick them in the back of the pine cone.

3. Cut orange construction paper to create a little beak. Then glue the beak to the front of the pine cone.

4. Color the end of one of the popsicle sticks brown (this will be used to make the head) and cut the rounded end off about an inch down.

5. Glue 2 buttons to the popsicle stick to create the eyes. Then glue the end of the popsicle stick to the front of the pinecone right above the beak.