Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Sure, we all agree, but it’s easy to get caught up in our own lives and forget about giving back. Often, our day-to-day “problems” make us take for granted how good we really have it. Do you own at least one pair of properly fitting shoes? If so, you’re already living better than many.

Over 300 million children worldwide are currently barefoot. Additionally, many children are wearing shoes that no longer fit. While plenty of charitable organizations donate shoes to those in need, the average child outgrows a pair of shoes in just one year. The Shoe That Grows is changing that. Thanks to Kenton Lee, Founder of The Shoe That Grows, one pair of shoes can last up to five years. Unlike the average shoe, The Shoe That Grows easily adjusts to lengthen the shoe five or more sizes, reducing the constant need for “new” shoes. The Shoe That Grows comes in three sizes, including one for adults.

You may be wondering, why shoes? Why not food, water, or shelter? Believe it or not, billions of people suffer from soil-transmitted diseases and parasites. Something as simple as properly fitting shoes can help people of all ages avoid issues like roundworms and hookworms which, without proper treatment, can be life-threatening.

So how did Kenton Lee come up with this brilliant idea? While living in Nairobi, Kenya, Lee witnessed firsthand the struggles that children face when it comes to footwear. After walking beside a girl wearing shoes entirely too small for her feet, Lee was determined to find a solution. After five years of hard work and persistence, The Shoe That Grows was born!
These shoes are also easily transported, making the donation process convenient and cost effective. The Shoe That Grows “compresses into itself,” which allows for productive packing. Did you know that 50 pairs of these shoes can fit in ONE standard suitcase without going over the 50-pound weight limit? Wow!

Are you wondering how you can help? It’s easy! Make a monetary donation – just $15 buys one pair of shoes. Several great fundraising opportunities are also available. Does your child have an upcoming birthday but doesn’t need any more toys? Encourage guests to make a donation to The Shoe That Grows to help those in need! Are you an avid world traveler? Distribute shoes globally by simply checking a bag at the airport. One great cause, endless ways to make a difference!
For more information on The Shoe That Grows and to get involved with this incredible organization, visit and prepare to be inspired.