LuLaRoe with Lori Zbylicki

Unicorns. Sarahs. Carlys. Have no idea what I’m talking about? It’s time to learn; you’ll thank us later…
Have you ever chased down a toddler in a pair of skinny jeans? Or dressed a flailing child in a restricting button down? We know the scene all too well. You can’t move, you’re frustrated, your rear may or may not be hanging out, and now you’re sweating. Comfortable? Not a chance. Enter LuLaRoe.

We know you’ve seen LuLaRoe popping up on your Facebook. Maybe you’ve noticed the unique prints and flattering outfits at school pickup. Whether you’re a LuLaRoe newbie or have a closet stocked with the latest looks, LuLaRoe will make you forget all about those moments of discomfort.

We had a chance to chat with Lori Zbylicki, a work-at-home mom and fashion consultant who keeps us updated on all things LuLaRoe. Aside from juggling life with three kids she also manages to maintain a booming business thanks to her hard work and LuLaRoe’s unique products. Lori heard of LLR a little over a year ago when she found and purchased a pair of leggings on Facebook. Slipping on those leggings for the first time, Lori was convinced they were the most comfortable thing she had ever worn… and so the addiction began. Lori then saw something online about joining the LLR movement. After thinking it over and talking with a consultant she decided to take the plunge. Right away, Lori and her husband knew they made the right choice.

So what makes LuLaRoe so great? LuLaRoe clothing is more comfortable, versatile and wearable than most clothing you find in stores. It’s flattering, affordable and designed to fit women of all ages, sizes and styles. Rather than a big box store with the same shirts or skirts, LLR gives customers a more intimate buying experience with a variety of styles.

One of LuLaRoe’s trademarks is fun, creative prints. What makes these prints so desirable is that LLR only creates a limited number of each print in each style, so every consultant’s inventory is different and constantly changing. For Lori, it’s like Christmas morning every time her inventory arrives. She doesn’t know whats going to be in her boxes and it’s a moment of excitement when she finds a coveted “unicorn,” AKA a highly sought after print that you might never find again. The people searching for the print have been nicknamed “unicorn hunters” as they will scour the Internet in search of that special print.

The company is actually a bit of a unicorn itself. LLR is on pace to become a one billion dollar company faster then Apple, Google, Facebook or Ebay.

What Lori loves most about LuLaRoe is that it has turned her into much more than a mom. LLR has allowed her to meet many other successful, strong women. “I get to run my own business from the comfort of my own home while still being able to have that special time with my little ones. I was in the banking industry prior to becoming at stay-at-home mom to three. While I love being at home with my little ones and wouldn’t change it for the world, I felt like I was losing myself in the process. LuLaRoe gave me myself back and it’s become a part of my life that the whole family is involved in. I try to use it in different applications. I let my kids stack leggings by colors and patterns. My husband is a LuLaBro. It’s become a family business that we are all involved in and spend time doing.”

Lori’s customers love the clothing because it allows them to get out of their comfort zones. The styles are comfortable and unique. Pattern mixing is a must and there is something for everyone. The clothing is modest and affordable. Plus it’s fun to shop! You can shop online or with your friends through in-person pop-up shops. The clothes aren’t sold online through a website but rather through individual consultants, Facebook, Instagram and Periscope pages.

If you’re new to this world of style and comfort, Lori has some tips. “As a first time buyer you need to start where we all started our addictions, and that’s with the buttery soft leggings. I’ve never felt something so comfortable against my skin. From there the sky is the limit. Whether it be dresses, tops or skirts you will find all the clothing equally as comfortable. I would recommend, before going crazy buying on Facebook, go to either a pop-up or an in home drop and shop. This will give you the opportunity to get comfortable with the sizing of the clothes. Since they are designed to fit everyone and every body type the sizes tend to run a little different than normal sizing. There is nothing like trying them on and knowing exactly how each style is going to fit you.”

What’s better than its awesome products is LuLaRoe’s goal of empowering women. Committed to the philosophy that one woman’s success will lead to another woman’s success, statements like, “I believe in you” and “you can do it,” are LLR’s mantra. Many consultants throughout the company have left jobs that they weren’t satisfied with and started selling LuLaRoe simply for the fact that it gave them the opportunity to stay at home with their children while still being able to provide a source of income.

If you’re interested in becoming a consultant, please feel free to call, message or email Lori directly. “There is nothing more satisfying than turning another woman’s dream into her reality,” says Lori.

LLR is also very charitable and matches any fundraisers that consultants host. If you have a fundraiser in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact Lori as well.

If you want to shop Lori’s inventory or see what the craze is all about, join her Facebook page or set up a drop and shop. She carries over 3000 pieces at all times with new inventory arriving daily.