“I’m bored!”

As a parent, the sound of those words is equivalent to nails on a chalkboard. After reciting your usual list of activities, the bored child remains. It’s tough to be the social planner for any number of children. Often times it is a choice between staying home while your kids drive you crazy or getting out and doing something. The next question is…what should we do!?

Wonderland Ice Cream & Family Fun Center is the answer. Hidden on Main Street in Stroudsburg, Wonderland has fun for the kids, peace for the parents, and ice cream for everyone! With a bounce house, arcade games, a great selection of food for adults and kids, gourmet ice cream, gelato, Italian ice, prizes, and more, you won’t hear the words “I’m bored” anymore.

In addition to fun filled play days, it’s the parties that caught our attention here at MeSee. When you host your child’s birthday party at Wonderland, we guarantee that you’ll be blown away by their creativity, foresight, customer service, and attention to detail just as Kelly of MeSee was during her daughter’s 5th birthday party. From decorations to service and care during the event, Kelly and her family enjoyed a party that exceeded their expectations. Accustomed to running around prior to a party coordinating gift bags, cakes, and decorations, Kelly felt a huge sense of relief knowing everything was taken care of. It’s clear that the customers come first at Wonderland and, as a result, we’ll surely be back.

All this fun isn’t just for the kids though; adults can attend any day of the week for a great meal and an ice cold treat. Visit every Friday for their Ice Cream Social with music, a special menu, and ice cream – a great date night idea or family fun night.
One of the most important things to know about Wonderland is just how clean the facility is. The attentive staff is diligent when it comes to cleaning the equipment, including the bounce house, throughout the day. Wonderland is hidden in the Main Street Plaza, directly across from Sew & Vac, on Main Street in Stroudsburg. Look for their sign and outdoor ice cream stand!
For more information on Wonderland Ice Cream & Family Fun Center you can follow them on Facebook. Visit their website for information on their party packages and entertainment. Save your children from the “I’m bored blues” and take a trip to Wonderland – a great place to burn off some energy, have fun, and enjoy your family.


Wonderland Ice Cream & Family Fun Center
564 Main Street, Stroudsburg, PA 18360