Combining discipline, determination & fun!

Whether it’s soccer, karate, dance, or music lessons, most parents enroll their kids in organized activities knowing that the odds of becoming a professional are pretty slim. While we may not be raising the next Tom Brady or Simone Biles, we hope our kids will discover something they love and learn the importance of commitment, discipline, and determination along the way. Teale Iannotto, owner of X-Cel Tumbling in Stroudsburg, has experienced firsthand how a childhood hobby can shape and transform your life. Today, Teale shares her life-long love of gymnastics with students in our area, and they leave with something much more valuable than tumbling skills.

Teale Iannotto has been involved in the world of gymnastics since the age of two. With two state championships under her belt and competitions at a national level, Teale was forced to stop competing after a knee injury. Although she was no longer able to compete, she never stopped loving the sport. It was during her freshman year of college when Teale took on her new role as coach, and, from that point on, she never looked back. “This was what I loved and this was what I was supposed to do,” explains Teale. After coaching for 15 years, it was time to open a gym of her own, and X-Cel Tumbling was born. “I had encountered such amazing loyal students throughout my coaching years; it was time to get out there and do it myself.”

Since X-Cel opened its doors seven years ago, it has grown tremendously. X-Cel offers a wide range of classes for many different ages, beginning with a playgroup/mommy-and-me program at 18 months old and continuing all the way up to coaching college athletes. They offer classes in tumbling and gymnastics as well as a competitive All-Star program. “Tumbling class consists of floor exercise and building skills such as cartwheels, back handsprings, and flips. Gymnastics classes teach the basics through advanced skills on all four events of the sport – vault, bars, beam, and floor.” This year they will be introducing an All-Star Cheer program. It’s within learning these skills that the students also learn teamwork, dedication, and hard work.

Even if your child isn’t committed to becoming a competitive gymnast or cheerleader, the skills taught at X-Cel create a great base for ALL sports. They help with the physical aspects of learning strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility. Kids also learn the importance of patience, time management, discipline, and commitment. “We are a very friendly, family-orientated facility, and we want nothing but the best for every child who walks through our door. We strive to be the best at what we do and make sure the children have fun, are safe, and become the best tumblers/gymnasts/cheerleaders they can be.”

There are two enrollment sessions, but new students can join at any time. Sessions run from September through June and July through August. For more information, visit, call 570-629-6290, or email •


123 Wallingford Rd, Stroudsburg, PA
(570) 629.6290